Can Turnitin Detect Chat GPT?

Chat GPT is spreading all over the world rapidly. We already know how useful Chat GPT is. But, with a lot of benefits, there are also some disadvantages as well, Especially for students.

Can Turnitin Detect Chat GPT

Because some of the students are using ChatGPT for writing their assignments or class work which is illegal. But, How do you know if they are submitting Chat GPT written works? Can Turnitin detect Chat GPT?


In this article, we are going to tell you why it is important to check AI content and whether Can Turnitin detect Chat GPT?

What Is Turnitin?

Turnitin is an online based plagiarism checker that is developed and marketed by Turnitin LLC. The main work that Turnitin does is detect plagiarism. This is a very popular detector tool that is used in almost every university.

Can Turnitin Detect Chat GPT?

Can Turnitin Detect Chat GPT?

Yes, Turnitin can detect Chat GPT. Let me explain. Turnitin is built mainly to check Plagiarism. If you submit anything that is plagiarized then Turnitin is going to catch it instantly. As Chat GPT-generated content is mainly plagiarised, Turnitin can detect it easily.


If a student is generating answers from AI Chabot like ChatGPT then it is unethical as well as harmful to learning. For that, Turnitin is helping to prevent any faulty answer. The detection accuracy of Turnitin is almost 98%.

How Does Turnitin Detect ChatGPT?

The detection technology behind Turnitin is very much similar to other Ai content checker tools. When we submit anything to check at Tunitin it simply looks for the similarities that are already available on the web. If it finds any similarity then it detects the content as plagiarized.

Why Is It Important To Detect AI Content?

It is very useful to use Chat GPT as it can make our daily life a lot easier. But, on the other hand, in terms of education, using it can be harmful.


If a student is using it to answer exam papers then he or she will not learn it itself. Students will stay dependent on the internet which is dangerous for our youth.


This is why it is very important to detect AI content in a particular sector. Yes, students should also know how to adapt to new technologies but should be aware of using them only for learning purposes as well.

How Can Professors Detect Chat GPT?

Professors can detect Chat GPT by using many AI detector tools such as Turnitin, Open AI, Small SEO Tool, etc. It is a very easy thing to do. All it needs to do is, copy the content and paste it into an Ai detector tool. And then, the Ai detector tool will do the rest work.


Q. Does Turnitin detect chat GTP?

Yes, Turnitin detects chat GTP. In fact, it is very accurate at detecting as well.

Q. Does Turnitin detect AI generated text?

Yes, Turnitin detects AI-generated text. You can detect anything that has been generated by ChatGPT or other AI tools.

Q. Can Turnitin detect QuillBot?

Yes, Turnitin can detect QuillBot Generated Contents.

Q. Can universities detect Chat GPT?

Yes, Universities can detect Chat GPT. In fact, they have their own Ai detector tool to detect Chat GPT.


In conclusion, Chat GPT can be detected by Turnitin. Not just Turnitin, Chat GPT can be detected by using other AI detector tools as well. We should use Chat GPT for ethical purposes only.


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