Can LinkedIn Premium See Anonymous?

If you are a LinkedIn user, you already know that LinkedIn also has a Premium version with more powerful & amazing features. You may want to switch to that. But, before switching you may have questions in your mind like, ”Can LinkedIn Premium See Anonymous?” or not?

Can LinkedIn Premium See Anonymous

No, You Can Not See Anonymous in LinkedIn Premium. So, if anyone use anonymous mode and visit a premium LinkedIn account then, the premium account holder will not able to track it!

In this article, I am going to talk about, what is Anonymous Mode on LinkedIn? Can LinkedIn Premium See Anonymous? What are the benefits of LinkedIn Anonymous? How to turn on the anonymous mode in LinkedIn? and finally solve frequently asked questions. So, if you are further interested in knowing more about anonymous then, read this article till the last.

What Is Anonymous Mode On LinkedIn?

Friends, The Anonymous mode on LinkedIn is a special privacy feature that allows you to visit any other LinkedIn profile without tracking. Because, We already know that, a LinkedIn user can see the last 5 users that visited his/her account. But, in LinkedIn Premium, a user can see who visited the user’s account for the last 90 days!


This is a great feature for every user as it helps to track who has visited which account. But, there is a special mode which is Anonymous that prevents tracking this. That’s what Anonymous mode is! If you are using LinkedIn’s normal version you will also get this anonymous mode. Because it is a common feature both in the Normal and Premium versions!

Can LinkedIn Premium See Anonymous?

No, You can not see Anonymous in LinkedIn Premium. Let me explain why: A lot of users who want to switch to LinkedIn often think about this. Wheater they can see anonymous visitors’ profiles using LinkedIn Premium. For them, We would like to clarify that, LinkedIn has clearly mentioned that they took care of users’ privacy and by going to anonymous mode a user is enabling private mode.


So, no way they can share the profile of the visitor’s LinkedIn. Not even in LinkedIn Premium! If you are using anonymous mode that means you are safe from any type of tracing. But, why this mode is very important? We will talk about its importance below.

What Are The Benefits of LinkedIn Anonymous?

The LinkedIn Anonymous feature is a very important feature in many aspects. Below we have listed some of the best benefits of LinkedIn Anonymous feature:

1. For Checking Others Profile

One of the big advantages you get if you enable the anonymous mode in LinkedIn is, that you will be able to check others’ profiles without any tracking. No one will see when and where you visited. If you are a boss of a company and want to see what your employees doing then this feature can be super handy!

2. For Analyzing Competitors

Nowadays, there is a lot of competition in every sector. The anonymous mode allows you to research and go to the profiles of your competitors without their consent. Of course, everyone can view everyones profile. But, in anonymous mode there will be no tracking!

3. For Surf Anonymously

You can surf the full LinkedIn, anyone’s profile anonymously with the help of this feature. So yeah, these are the benefits you get by enabling this amazing feature.

How To Turn On Anonymous Mode In LinkedIn?

As of now, you may know the impact and benefits of the anonymous mode on LinkedIn. Now, if you want to turn on the Anonymous mode, just follow this step-by-step guide:

  • Open Your LinkedIn App.
  • Go to the ”Settings” option.
  • Then go to ”Visibility”.
  • Now, select “Profile viewing options”.
  • Now, Select ”Private Mode” to go fully anonymous!

This is how you turn on anonymous mode in your LinkedIn Profile. Wasn’t that easy?


Q. Can you view anonymously on LinkedIn?

Yes, You can view LinkedIn anonymously by enabling private mode. To enable anonymous mode go to settings > visibility > profile viewing options > Private Mode.

Q. Can non premium members see who viewed their profile?

Yes, Non-premium members of LinkedIn can see who viewed their profile. But, if the viewer has enabled anonymous mode then, it is not possible to see who viewed their profile.

Q. Can LinkedIn premium members see anonymous viewers?

No, LinkedIn premium members can’t see anonymous viewers. It is a basic security feature of LinkedIn and LinkedIn does not share any information about whoever visited whoever’s profile while private mode enabled.

Q. Can you tell if someone has LinkedIn premium?

Yes, you can easily tell if someone has a LinkedIn premium. Because an account with a golden-colored badge identifies itself as a LinkedIn premium profile.


Wrapping Up, If you are wondering ”Can LinkedIn Premium See Anonymous?” then, the answer is pretty much straightforward. No, LinkedIn premium members can not see anonymous visitors. Because LinkedIn takes care of everyone’s privacy and security. So, if anyone is enabling private mode, he/she will stay hidden from every LinkedIn Profile, be it LinkedIn Premium!


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