Can Google Bard Generate Images?

Google Bard is an AI-powered platform that can generate human-like responses in no time. It is provided by the Google AI team. With one of the most advanced AI, PaLM 2 the Google Bard is the head-to-head rival of OpenAI’s ChatGPT. But, Can Google Bard generate images?

Can Google Bard Generate Images

No, Google Bard can not generate images. But, The Google Bard will be able to generate images in near furute. In a converstions with Bard, we asked the same questions and Bard told that it is still learning to create images.

Can Google Bard Generate Images?

Can Google Bard Generate Images

No, Google Bard can not generate images. But, this feature may come within a very short time as rumors report. Because Bard’s direct rival OpenAI’s ChatGPT is providing this feature. If you want to create images with ChatGPT, you can read this article.


So, to keep the competition going the Google AI team will have to bring it on. But, Google Bard is still in the development stage on its own. It may take time to bring this feature but it will surely come. As per a report, the Google team is trying to make a partnership with Adobe Firefly to bring on this feature.


If the Bard also gets the ability to create images with AI then, it will be the best thing that ever happened with this chatbot. It will be able to create images directly from its dashboard, create digital art, etc. However, we are not sure about the pricing. Because, if this feature adds to Bard, the Bard may go into a subscription model!

Will Bard Generate Images?

Yes, Google Bard will generate images. It is an upcoming feature project of the Google AI team. If this feature comes to Bard, the Bard will be one of the most advanced AI chatbots with various functionalities.


However, there is no official report of when Google AI will launch this feature in Bard. But, we assume that the feature will come within a few months. Currently, the Google AI team is focusing more on making this chatbot more user friendly.


The Bard is already very impressive with some features such as real-time data, internet surfing, PaLM 2 AI, etc. The Google AI team has not stopped there. They are continuously testing the platform and adding new features to capture the chatbot market!

Does Bard Take Image Input?

Yes, Bard takes image input. This is an excellent feature from Google Bard. You can upload any images from your device by clicking on the image icon on your dashboard.


After uploading the image, you can ask Bard anything from the image. You can ask to summarize what is in the images, you can ask a certain answer, ask how you can improve the image, and so on.


Q. Can Bard generate an image?

No, Bard can not generate an image. But, this feature is still under development and it will add with Bard in near future.

Q. Is Google Bard AI free?

Yes, Google Bard AI is free. You can use it by goign to After that click on sign in for free. Now, use your Google account to sign in.

Q. Which AI will generate image?

There are many AIs that can generate images such as Midjourney, DALL-E, Bing Image Creator, Gencraft, Craiyon AI, etc.


In conclusion, If you are wondering can Google Bard generate images then the answer is No, it can’t. Google Bard is still under development. So, it will take time to add this feature. But, Bard can take image inputs right now!


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