Can Canvas Detect ChatGPT?

AI is making our life helpful by doing tasks in a short time. But, it has disadvantages too. Many students are using ChatGPT to answer assignments and answers with the help of AI tools like ChatGPT. That is an unethical thing and academic integrity at the same time.


This is why teachers and universities have adopted Canvas, a useful tool to detect ai-generated and plagiarized assignments or answers papers. But, Can Canvas Detect ChatGPT?

Can Canvas Detect ChatGPT

No, Canvas can not detect ChatGPT.

ChatGPT is the most advanced AI machine learning model tool until now. You can use these tools to generate any kind of answer using prompts in an impressive and unique way. As a new and the most powerful tool, many of us became curious about whether Canvas can detect ChatGPT or not.

In this article, we are going to let you know If this plagiarism detection tool, Canvas can detect ChatGPT or not. Also, How canvas works, How it is Helpful for universities and teachers, etc. So, without wasting time let’s go!

What Is Canvas?

Canvas is a popular e-learning platform that helps teachers to create courses, assignments as well as take exams. Students can give their exams by quiz, multiple choice, free texts and see their progress as well.


Canvas also has the feature of detecting plagiarism that can detect plagiarized answers submitted by the students. By using Canvas students can give exams in multiple choices, fill-in-the-blank questions, and true or false type questions.


Canvas has some great protection to prevent cheating such as tracking students’ activity, monitory mouse clicks, and noticing the opening of new tabs, etc.


Overall, Canvas is an advanced electronic learning management system that allows to take and give examinations online with security for preventing cheating. That is a very handy and useful tool for instructors of schools, and colleges to detect the use of AI written papers.

Can Canvas Detect ChatGPT?

Can Canvas Detect ChatGPT

ChatGPT is a well-trained human-like AI language model that gives users responses perfectly using GPT (Machine Learning). But, if you submit an answer to Canvas by generating it from ChatGPT, Can canvas detect it? In short, The answer is No. Canvas cannot detect the use of ChatGPT.


To be more clear, Canvas can not directly detect ChatGPT-generated content. ChatGPT contents are more likely to be human content. This is why it is not easy to detect it by Canvas. But, there are certain tricks and strategies that Canvas follows to detect whether you are using ChatGPT or not.


We have talked about some strategies below that Canvas follows to check an AI-written answer.

By Following Pattern

Canvas tracks the pattern of a student to see if there is any suspicious thing happening. It records everything like, how many times you are taking a question, what you are typing, and what are you clicking, and then send it to the examiner.


It also has a feature that prevents students from accessing other browsers. If the examiner thinks something is fishy then you are gone!

By Taking Proctored Exam

By taking Proctored exams, canvas prevents students from using ChatGPT-like tools. In this way, students have to turn on their webcam and then teachers will ask questions to test.

By Restricting Browsers

When you have started giving exams, Canvas will prevent you from opening any other browser or browser tab. It will show you a popup that you are about to open a new window that is prohibited.

By Using Plagiarism Checker

Canvas has an integrated plagiarism checker. By this, if a student submits a plagiarized answer then he or she will be penalized. This third-party plagiarism checker is able to detect ChatGPT written content.

Can Canvas see if I cheated using ai writing?

Canvas can not see if you cheated. But, it will track your activity while taking exams. Including mouse clicks, opening a new browser, keyboard clicks, etc, and sending to the examiner. If the instructor can detect it as cheating then your answer paper will be cancelled.

Can Canvas detect ai writing automatically?

No, Canvas does not automatically detect AI. But it has some features which helps it to understand if it is AI or Human Written.

Can Canvas Detect Copy and Paste?

Canvas has an integrated plagiarism checker that helps to find out Plagiarized answers. Plagiarism contents fall under copy-and-paste content. So, Canvas can Detetct Copy and Paste content.


Q. Can Canvas detect your activity?

Yes, Canvas can detect your activity. If a student is cheating, Canvas will detect that student’s corruption by following certain activities!

Q. How Canvas Detect Cheating?

Canvas detects cheating by following your activity such as how the time you are taking in a question, tracking mouse clicks, keyboard clicks, etc. Note that, Canvas cannot directly detect ChatGPT.

Q. Can Canvas Detect Quillbot?

Yes, Canvas can detect Quillbot by using its third-party Plagiarism checker.

Q. Can Canvas detect ChatGPT’s activity?

Yes, Canvas can detect ChatGPT’s activity by using its plagiarism checker tool. It also can detect cheating during exams to ensure that students are not using any AI model like Open AI ChatGPT.


In conclusion, answering the question, Can Canvas detect ChatGPT is simple, Canvas, an e-learning platform, can not directly detect ChatGPT. But, it uses some tricks and tactics to tell if you have written any answer with AI Chatbot like ChatGPT.


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