How To Fix Black Spots On Chromebook Screen?

Having a Chromebook is very handy and helpful. But, the screen of this is a sensitive part like any other electronic device. What if you see a black spot on your Chromebook after just opening it on a shiny morning? We don’t hope so but, it can happen. But Do you know, How To Fix ”Black Spots On Chromebook Screen?”

Black Spots On Chromebook Screen

For fixing ”Black Spots On Chromebook Screen” you should take steps like wait & observe, Restart the chromebook, Massaging effected pixel, give pressue or tap with microfiber, use softwares, and finally contact to a nearest customer servicing center.

In this complete guide, We are going to show you what are the causes along with fixes for Black Spots on Chromebook Screen. Not just that, we will tell you what you need to do to prevent black spot as well. So, without any further delay, let’s go!

What Is Black Spots On Chromebook Screen?

When a part of the display of a laptop or Chromebook gets non-responsive, dead, or blank it’s called the Black spot problem of a Chromebook. Not just with Chromebooks, this issue can happen to every electronic device that contains a display or screen.


This problem is very annoying as it hampers the regular usage of the Chromebook. But, do we know how this problem can occur? Our next topic is all about the reasons for this error. You should get knowledge about it because, this will help you to troubleshoot the issue more perfectly.

Why Black Spots On Chromebook Appears?

There can be a lot of reasons behind Black spots on Chromebooks. But, there are some common and most reason that are responsible for this. Let’s have a look at them:

1. Dirts

Dirt and dust are the main culprits of the black spot error. Not just in the screen but also if the dirt and dust get into the hardware section, it can lead to this error.

2. Hot Temperature

Chromebook pixels are heat-sensitive. It may fail to operate well if the temperature is too hot or too low. So, if you are using the Chromebook at a hot temperature, it can lead this issue.

3. Physical Damage

If your device gets any damage from any accident, it can be by falling from the desk, hitting the ground, or putting over pressure on the screen, whatever the accident is, it can lead the black screen error.

4. Dead Pixels

If the pixels of your Chromebook’s screen are not working or fail to produce colors, this also leads to this error. This dead pixel can happen for motherboard issues, graphics software error, boot up error, etc.

5. Manufacturing Error

Thog, When a product is launched for sale in the market, companies do a lot of testing and experiments about the durability of the product. But, unexpectedly, in some situations, the manufacturing error stays. This can be the cause of this problem.

How To Fix Black Spots On Chromebook Screen?

It is necessary to do some fixes before you go to the service center. Because, if the issue is minor, it can be fixed within taking few steps. Here are the most effective 7 methods you can follow to fix the Black Spots on your Chromebook screen:

1. Wait And Observe

Before doing anything to your Chromebook, you should wait for some moment and observe. Because, this issue can be temporary, especially if the spot is super tiny. Wait for somewhere between 1-2 hours before doing anyting.

2. Restart You Chromebook

After waiting, if the spot stays, you should give your laptop a quick boot-up. We recommend you to restart your device for 3 times at least. It should fix the black spot error if it is happening for a boot-up issue. If the issue stays, continue to the next fixes.

3. Massage Affected Pixels

You can massage the affected pixels by using a towel. But, do not massage hard, instead gently massage the pixel. It will help to resolve the issue.

4. Pressure With a Microfiber

Giving gentle pressure on the affected pixel can resolve the error. To do that, you will have to take a cloth and place it in the affected pixel. Then, use a pen to press gently. See if anything happens. If anything happens, continue pressuring the same way until it is fixed.

5. Tap With Soft Cloth

You can also use a soft cloth to tap the affected place. But, keep in mind that, tapping hard can lead to the issue grow bigger. So, go slow while tapping. If nothing happens, immediately stop it.

6. Using Softwares

There are so many software that are dedicatedly made for fixing the black spot errors. You can install and run them on your laptop. Yes, this can take time. But, it can help you solve the issue. You can use Apps like Display Tester, Pixel Fiber, JScreenFix, etc for getting the problem fixed.

7. Contact Customer Center

If you have done all these methods and the results are zero then, the screen is probably blacked out due to hardware failure. In that case, you may need to change the entire display of fix the hardware. To do so, you need to contact the customer center of your Chromebook provider. So, go ahead and contact them, that the thing you should do now!

How To Prevent Black Spots On Chromebook Laptop Screen?

If you have successfully fixed the issue of a Black spot error in your Chromebook, now you should be careful so that it can never happen again. Below, we have provided some of tips on how you can prevent the Black Spot on your Chromebook:

1. Clean Laptop Screen Regularly

If your laptop screen is dusty this can lead the errors in the future. So, to prevent it, you should regularly take a towel and clean the screen. You should also clean the other sides like keyboards, back panels, etc.

2. Do Not Use In High Heat Place

You should avoid using any place where the heat is high. You should use it in a place where is not too hot or not too cold. This will help you to extend the life of your Chromebook as well as the screen.

3. Avoid Any Damage

Be careful when using the Chromebook. If the laptop falls from any height, it will damage the laptop. So, it is obvious to be careful to avoid any damage.

4. Use It In A Flat Surface

Using the Chromebook on a flat surface can help you to kee the overall health good. Do not use it a uncomfortable areas. Make sure the device is getting proper ventilation or air flow.

5. Regularly Check The Laptop

Giving your laptop a regular checkup can help you to stay away from big damage. To do that, you can send your laptop to a service center for regular checkups.


Q. How do I get rid of black spots on my screen?

To get rid of  Black spots on your screen you should reboot your device, tap with a cloth, use spots fixer software, etc. troubleshoot steps.

Q. What causes black spots on laptop screens?

There can be a lot of reasons that may cause black spots on laptops such as physical damage, internal damage, software glitches, ht temperature, etc.

Q. Why are black dots appearing on my screen?

Black dots may appear on your screen due to physical damage, internal damage, dead pixels, or black spots.


To wrap up, It is very frustrating to stay with ”Black Spots On Chromebook Screen”. The frustration keeps going up is you don’t know the proper guidelines on exactly what to do in this situation. But, there is nothing to worry about. Because above this article we have covered everything about this issue and tell you what you exactly need to do!


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